After 20 years of traveling all over the world to practice the art of yoga, I decided to return to  my roots in Central Alberta, to achieve a lifelong dream of mine to open a yoga studio of my own.
At 6 years old I knew that yoga was my path. A foreign nurse from Great Britain was staying at our home and was practicing yoga. I was hooked!  From that moment I sought out all possible resources available to learn more about this ancient practice. Any form of yoga and any class I could find, I was in! Although this was not easy in Central Alberta in the 1980’s!

After secondary school I found some small classes in Red Deer to take, but yearned for more. Not able to find a teacher training program in Red Deer I opted to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer, while still working on her own practice. The
Yoga Mecca Vancouver called to me strongly so, naturally that is where the flow took me !    Yoga was everywhere on the west coast!  Heaven!! In 1998  I became a Hatha Yoga Instructor and began teaching.
In time I was really able to evolve my understanding of yoga when the amazing opportunity came up for her to teach yoga in Africa!
Coming back to North America I decided to head to Los Angeles and focus in even more on own study, eventually moving back to Vancouver.
Craving a deeper still understanding of yoga I knew the Ashram was the place to go. Grass Valley Sivananda Yoga Farm was my next calling.
 After all my worldly adventures I deciding to come home to my horse loving people of Alberta!
Since returning home I have opened “Your Yoga Studio” in Red Deer and have continued to be a student as well as a teacher. In 2009 I received  teachers training certificate in Flow yoga after studying with Shiva Rhea in Los Angeles and  also trained in Yoga Trance Dance and Equine Yoga Fit , Live Blood Analysis, Reiki Master, Bars Practitioner.

Maddy Walker:

Maddy has always had a passion for learning about the human body and alternative healing
modalities. It all began in 2012 when Maddy started her training as a Registered Massage
Therapist. She immediately took her second year of massage training at the Northern institute of
Massage Therapy and began working full time in the industry. During her years working as a
massage therapist she also studied Raindrop Technique with essential oils, pre/post natal care,
and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It was in 2013 when her passion for yoga really took root; she
started her practice in a class taking place in a cozy little hall out in the middle of the country
with an instructor named Nadine. This passion quickly grew as she began noticing the benefits
physically and mentally. She then began taking classes at a studio in Lacombe until it closed
down January of 2016 where she moved her practice to a newer studio, LacOMbe Yoga. This is
where the idea sparked for her to introduce yoga into her massage career in hopes that it could
help her clients as it had helped her with her multiple injuries in the past. She then enrolled at
Empowered Yoga in Edmonton to learn under Michele Theoret and Danielle Murray and has
recently achieved her 200hr teacher training certification. Using all of these modalities,
practicing yoga and meditation everyday has brought light into Maddy’s life. Her hope is to
create this light in everyone she teaches and in each of her clients, helping them to create a
happier healthier lifestyle for themselves. When she is not practicing yoga or working as an
RMT you can catch Maddy hiking, camping, gardening and drinking loose leaf tea with her
Fiance. You can be assured that you will be in a safe, friendly environment with Maddy and her
wish is that you will be as inspired as she was the first time you roll out your mat in her class.

Remember just  go with the flow.

Founder Hilary Ann Scott, and all of our guest instructors are here to help inspire both you and your practice. Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you to  come try a variety of classes.

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